friday meme


The notion of memes (Friday, Wednesday, thank you,I love you) originally stems from biology, genetics to be precise. Memes are like genes. Every gene contains characters that are passed down from generation to generation, with some variations of course. These characters can either survive long-term or can disappear altogether. Everything is especially controlled by the environment. This is the concept of evolution.

Today the most popular form of this concept is the internet meme. These are usually photo memes. Right now, on any social media platform, 8-9 out of 10 pictures you come across will be memes. There are so many different kinds; dog meme, cat meme, Friday meme, Wednesday meme, you name it. Social news platforms, forum posts, blogs, and video hosting sites are not excluded from the use of this viral phenomenon.

The word meme was first coined by Richard Dawkins in his book “The Selfish Gene’. The book was first published over 25 years ago. He
described a meme as an idea or concept that spreads rapidly from one mind to another. These concepts and ideas represent small parts of our culture. He looks at memes from a scientific point of view.

Limor Shifman describes them as units of our culture that are spread from individual to individual by replication or repetition. Just as with
genes, memes need replication to thrive. Internet memes or photo memes live, spread, and thrive through technology. Given how easy it is to click and share these photo memes, lots of them do thrive rather well.

Meme Ideas

Ideas will always birth new ideas or be replicated. Memes are ideas formed in the intricacies of individual brains that are put into illustrations and delivered to the internet. These ideas are copied from person to person, just as with genes. Sometimes individuals put their own spin on it before sharing again. These photo memes may enjoy longevity in the meme pool. They may never thrive or they may disappear after a
short while. Memes help us see how society accepts ideas and concepts. We also see how these ideas are adopted and evolved over

The first part in the birth of a photo meme is the actual photo that serves as an inspiration. The creator sees a picture of a shocked cat and decides he knows what this cat might be thinking. He puts his ideas to work on any graphic design platform and a cat meme is born. These days, there are online meme generators to get the job done. The next step is the sharing of the meme. From then on the success of the
meme is determined by the individuals on the internet. The most successful ones are those with lots of positive feedback or ironically lots of negative feedback. Anything is better than a lukewarm reception in the online world.

Sometimes photo memes come with satirical or ironic content. What is important, however, is the consumer’s take on it. Everything influences another thing. These memes influence our thought process. Memes can sometimes be a depiction of our reality.

Viral Meme’s

What makes memes spread like wildfire is that these ideas that have taken form are so relatable. We all go through the same things
generally in life, just in varying formats. When we see that Friday meme about the long-awaited weekend we cannot help but relate. We come across Wednesday memes about wanting it to be Friday already and we just have to share it. This is just us wanting others to know what we are thinking. Memes are usually a shared lifestyle that most people can relate to. Memes about how adult life is so hard are shared rapidly. We see them and realize that we are not alone in our struggle. Believe it or not, memes have built a kind of bond based on shared
struggles in the online community.

Contrary to what I said earlier, meme should not be seen as just ideas. Memes can be informative and are a great way to reach more people than you traditionally would.Yes, a cat meme and a dog meme can cause a few laughs among friends. A Friday meme or a Wednesday meme can trigger a few common sighs among peers. That cat meme or dog meme can also be used as click-bait for advertising for pet food. I’m sure we must have come across this sort of thing before.

Social Media – Feelings

In these modern times, technology is accessible globally. Over 3 billion people are connected on the internet and can take part in the cycle of memes. Institutions take advantage of this viral trend and push out memes to boost business. Politicians take part in this too. During this past election, the wave of political memes was very instrumental. It was easier to draw the attention of millennials to the politics of the day with just photo memes. An organic growth in young voters was seen. All of this because of the simple fact that memes command your
attention. Human beings can be visually triggered after all.

These days, lots of accounts geared at posting photo memes are arriving on the social media scene. Most of these have real, organic
followers and in high numbers. This shows the major impact memes have on the human mind. You can see how easily clicking through memes online can make you forget an assignment you have. We spend so much time on the internet looking at these bits of our culture communicated through photos. Sometimes they are just silly things to make us laugh or might trigger nothing at all. You can say it is a good thing people have started using memes to get informed. Bloggers and even professional news sites use them to pass their messages across. Memes have quickly taken power away from books and articles.

Cat meme, dog meme, Friday meme, Wednesday meme

A simple Friday meme or Wednesday meme can be used to share our experiences and feelings. Memes also have a way of reinforcing ideas. They will have you believing in concepts that you may have disregarded before. They can sometimes have you questioning your own ethics. Take, for example, memes about terrorism and racism. These memes make you see real life problems and because they are photos, they command your attention. A simple meme can convey anything from emotions, hobbies, lifestyle to beliefs. They can also make you laugh or trigger no reaction at all.

or a forever alone meme. Whether you can relate or funny or thought-provoking, we are all a part of its existence. As long as we keep clicking share or like or stumble, these photo memes are not going anywhere fast.